Victor Jonsson

Victor Jonsson

Developer in north of Sweden with a great passion for everything that is web

remote-tail NodeJS

Server and client used for sharing of log files over TCP. Simple setup on the server and just as easy as `tail -f` on the clients.

loginspect NodeJS

Command line tool used to analyze MySql log files (including Percona and MariaDB)

Webcheck Ruby

Check your websites download speed from the console.

opgen Python

The one-page-flat-file CMS.

jQuery Form Validator Javascript

jQuery plugin that makes it easy to validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from javascript code.

PHP-Rocker PHP

Boilerplate that helps you write REST-ful web services on top of Slim framework.

dokimon NodeJS

Node module used to create automated acceptance tests. It's also a great alternative (or complement) to client test tools such as Selenium. You write your tests in a heartbeat and run them using the command line.

markdowndocs PHP

Command line tool for generating markdown-formatted class documentation

mval NodeJS

Command line tool used to validate manifests of various kinds (jQuery, Android, composer, npm, wordpress).

launch.js Javascript

Web app distribution system.

jQuery Editable Javascript

jQuery plugin that makes any element on your page editable.

PHP-Benchmark PHP

Easy to use benchmark script for your PHP-application. Get information about average loading time, memory consumption and more...

Pie Chart Count Down Javascript

jQuery plugin that makes it possible to create pie charts displaying time ticking down (using CSS animations).

Rocker.js Javascript

Javascript client used to communicate with a PHP-Rocker server.